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IT firm Niveus Solutions to expand into Southeast Asia

Niveus Solutions is planning to expand operations in Singapore and Indonesia.“After this, we will look at other countries like Vietnam and Malaysia ,” said CEO Suyog Shetty. The Udupi-headquartered IT services firm aims to have 5-10% of its revenue from international ops. Niveus was set up to tap the local talent from the region’s engineering colleges in the region. The company started working with SMEs but now it is working with larger enterprises as well.

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Reliance Jio introduces Jio Business to help 50 mn MSMB’s

Reliance Jio has launched Jio Business in India to digitally transform and cater to the digital connectivity needs of over 50 mn Micro, Small and Medium Businesses (MSMBs). This new program offers three kinds of advantages to businesses — enterprise-grade fibre connectivity with voice and data services; digital solutions; and devices for leveraging digital solutions. Jio has introduced seven new Jio Business tariff plans, especially for MSMBs.

Google to invest $75 mn in COVID-19-hit SMEs

Google is teaming up with the European Investment Fund and two other firms in Latin America and Asia to provide $75 mn in funding to SMEes suffering from the impact of the pandemic. The funds are part of an $800 mn initiative announced last year. Google will give $15 mn in loan capital to 1,000 European SMEs,  $10 mn to 200 life sciences firms, $8 mn in Latin America, $26 mn with Kiva to help businesses in Africa, the Middle East and Indonesia and $15 in Indian firms.

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India second highest to use Cisco’s WebEx after US

India has seen the highest adoption of Cisco’s virtual meeting app WebEx – from 1000 users a month before March to 900,000 users currently. A large part of these 4M sign-ups has already been converted to paid customers; over 50% are SMEs. Cisco WebEx has helped at least 200 govt organizations across 26 states and central govt entities to connect and collaborate securely. Over 100 HC judges and 400 police stations in Telangana connected on WebEx.

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3 Key Areas Kotak Mahindra Bank is transforming using deep tech

1. Loan moratorium: ML algorithms help the bank assess SMEs, market-related risks, and loan repayment capacity of customers which otherwise would be very difficult, if not impossible, to do manually. 2. Cybersecurity: AI, data analytics help in early fraud assessment, helping the bank to stay one step ahead of scammers and fraudsters. 3. Customer service: Conversational bots have upgraded far beyond simple FAQs, enabling 24X7 hassle-free service for the customers.

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Dell, NASSCOM partner to develop robust ecosystems for 2400+ SMEs

Dell Technologies, NASSCOM have partnered to build a robust ecosystem by uniting low-cost business-critical products, services. Under NASSCOM’s SME Advantage Program, this move will help over 2400 SMEs, 9000+ start-ups to ensure smooth operational functioning. NASSCOM members will get exclusive offers on Dell’s Client and Infrastructure solutions. With these solutions, firms can equip their teams with industry-leading technology and ensure business resiliency.

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