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Intuit looking to consolidate Indian Team with new hires

The finance software firm Intuit is looking to scale up its robust Indian team in 2021. It aims to fully utilize India’s large talent pool of engineers, and invest in growing its technology capabilities. Intuit is looking to hire over 350 recruits across software engineering, product management, data engineering, and such varied new-age digital roles. The new hires will enable it to cater to Intuit’s large customer base worldwide.

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Zoom acquires cloud software provider Five9 for $15 bn

Zoom has completed the deal to buy cloud service provider Five9 for a sum of $14.7 bn closings in the first half of 2022. The aim of this deal is to target more business clients looking to boost customer engagement. Zoom is now shifting its focus on developing its cloud calling product Zoom Phone and conference-hosting product Zoom Rooms. This deal will add a $24 bn contact center market to help Zoom increase its presence.

Facebook’s AI software can trace deepfake image to origin

Facebook announced that it has developed an AI software that can identify deepfake images and track where they came from. This software will allow for better investigations related to fake information or news and provide further scope for research. The software runs the image through a network to find imperfections in its fingerprint. Similarly last year, Microsoft came up with its video authenticator software to detect deepfake images.

Hackers exploit SonicWall previously unknown vulnerability to spy on clients

SonicWall has become the latest victim in which cybercriminals hacked third-party software to hardware to spy on private and public agencies in the United States. In a statement, SonicWall revealed that the previously unknown vulnerability had been “exploited in the wild”, meaning cybercriminals had already used the gaps to break into the client’s system. The cybersecurity firm has urged clients to “immediately upgrade” to a version having patches.

Hitachi to buy GlobalLogic for $9.6 bn

Hitachi will buy GlobalLogic for $9.6 bn, including repayment of the debt. The latest acquisition is part of Hitachi’s portfolio overhaul as it aims to transform itself into a digital service firm from electronics hardware. It made a $7 bn acquisition of ABB’s power grid business in 2020. GlobalLogic, founded in 2000, has 20,000 workforces in 14 nations and offers software engineering services to 400 clients in automotive, healthcare, and finance.

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Infrastructure software revenue in India to grow 12% in 2021: Gartner

Infrastructure software revenue in India is expected to hit $4.6 bn in 2021, a 12% rise from 2020, said Gartner. All the segments are expected to return to positive growth this year, security software is expected to have the strongest growth at 20% as security-as-a-service offerings, detection and response capabilities improve. Data integration tools and data quality tools segment is predicted to grow at over 18% in 2021 due to the rapid cloud adoption.

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4 most in-demand skills software engineers should learn in 2020

1. Artificial Intelligence: learn aspects of neural networking, supervised/unsupervised learning, logistics regression, binary classification, python for vectorisation. 2. Data Science: learn concepts like data wrangling, visualisation and communication. 3. Google Cloud Specialisation: It can help participants in understanding GCP networking technologies. 4. Machine Learning: master skills like Python, spark processing, predictive analysis, stats etc.

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STP-registered units’ exports hit Rs 4.21 lakh cr in 2019-20

Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), an autonomous body under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), has boosted exports from its registered units to Rs 4.21 lakh crore in 2019-20. In the first year of its foundation, it exports clocked a revenue of Rs 52 crore in 1992-93. STPI is setting up more than 21 domain-centric CoEs in a collaborative manner across India.

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IT spending in India set to see negative growth in 2020: IDC

Research firms IDC said that country’s domestic IT spending is expected to drop to -4.5% in 2020 due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Last year it grew by +9.1%. The hardware segment will contribute the maximum to this decline. Software growth is expected to drop to 4.1%, which was 16.7% in 2019. IT services, however, is expected to remain flat at 6.9%. There will be a demand for productivity apps as the remote workforce increases, said the report.

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