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150 game developers fired, after closing of Google’s Stadia division

About 150 game developers, hired by Google to make video games for its cloud streaming service, Stadia, have been laid off. This took place after the announcement made by Google to shut down its Stadia Games and Entertainment division earlier this month, just nearly two years of its launch. The creation of high-calibre video games was costly, and the process was too complicated. Stadia’s subscription wasn’t great either.

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Amazon forays into cloud gaming with Luna

Amazon announced its cloud-based game streaming service – Luna. Though it doesn’t sound as spectacular as Google’s Stadia, it has got a lot going for it. At $5.99 per month, it costs almost half of the $9.99 Google is charging for Stadia per month. Since Luna works over the cloud just like Google Stadia, it will require fast and reliable internet connection – 10Mbps for Full HD games and 35Mbps for 4K. Microsoft and Sony also have their cloud gaming services.

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