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Google to open a retail store in New York this summer

Google, like Apple and Samsung, is stepping into forming its own retail experience. The first store will be opened in the former Port Authority building, NY. Initially, the shop will focus on Google hardware that is Google phones and Nest home devices. Google is close to acquiring Fitbit, which should add to the catalog of products in the store. Even though 41% of adults in NY are completely vaccinated, the safety of customers and employees will be of paramount priority for Google.

HDFC invests Rs.10 cr for 1.5% stake of Grameen e-store

HDFC strategically invested Rs.10 cr for a 1.5% stake in Grameen e-store to increase its reach to the rural areas. Grameen, e-store, will utilise the funds to expand its technology, product portfolios, and distribution channels. With the partnership with Pepsi, coca-cola, and Bharat petroleum it has made a sale of 22.5 lakh orders with a value of Rs.252 cr, since April last year. As 60-70% of Indians reside in semi-urban/rural areas, improving technology for growing the economy is a must.

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