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80% of Indian firms struggle to educate executives, employees on cybersecurity

80% of Indian firms struggle to educate employees on cybersecurity said a Sophos-Tech Research Asia survey. The findings said that despite the rise in cyberattacks, investment in digital security products and services remained stagnant and management underestimates the damage threats can do. The findings revealed that 56 % of firms weren’t running up-to-date cybersecurity products said, Sunil Sharma, MD – sales, Sophos India, and SAARC.

52% of Indian firms fell victim to cyber-attacks in last 12 months: Sophos

A Sophos report, published in collaboration with Tech Research Asia, said that 52% of the firms surveyed fell victim to a cybersecurity attack in the past year. 71 % of these attacks were serious in nature, and 65% took over a week to remediate. Cybersecurity budgets, the report said, remained unchanged. Sunil Sharma, MD  – Sales, Sophos India said, “Indian firms need to view cybersecurity as a value to the business and increase budgets accordingly.”