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Cloud- computing skills demand hit all-time high, salaries jump 100%  

Salaries of cloud computing talent have jumped 100 % high due to the pandemic, and push for digitalisation. A cloud computing professional, a year ago, with five years of experience, was drawing Rs 15 lakh anually is now offered Rs 30 lakh. Similarly, a mid-level executive with 10 years of experience is now offered of about 1 cr, up from Rs 40-50 lakh per annum, said an Xpheno survey. The survey pegged the talent shortage of 80% in the cloud computing space.

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16% of employees want to WFH permanently:  Citrix Survey

A Citrix study said that 52% of people want a hybrid model — an option to choose to WFH or office. It went on to say that 16% don’t want to return to the office and would prefer a permanently WFH role. 45 % will change jobs to stay in flexible and remote work options. Tim Minahan, Executive VP of Strategy, Citrix said “both companies and employees have seen the benefits more flexible work models can bring in terms of productivity, engagement and well-being”.

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60% of employees worried to lose jobs to automation: PwC survey

As per a PwC survey, around 60 % of the workforce are worried that automation may put their jobs at risk, The survey of 32,500 employees across 19 countries also revealed that 48 % are fearful that ‘traditional employment won’t be around in the future’. Adding to the sentiments, another 39% think that their job will be obsolete in the next 5 years. On the positive side, 40 % of those surveyed have improved their digital skills during the lockdown.

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Indian professionals to actively look for jobs: LinkedIn

A LinkedIn survey says that 3 in 4 Indian professionals will change jobs or look for a new role in 2021. The survey said that 38% of job seekers complaint about too many hiring stages and 32% worry about long applications. Despite, 64% of professionals are confident about their future growth, 38% attend networking events and 37% consider investing in online learning. Freelance content creators, marketing, education, AI, social media, e-commerce are the top roles.

59% of professionals would prefer to continue WFH: Survey

Around 59% of IT and internet firm employees would prefer to continue WFH, said a survey by online counselling platform YourDost. 11% are even willing to take a salary cut to WFH permanently, while 28% will quit the job if forced back to the office. 70% of professionals between 30 -35 yrs of age and 65% managers opted for WFH. However, 50% of leaders preferred returning to the office. The survey covered 1,000 professionals of IT, ITes and internet firm.

Pandemic fuels investments in cybersecurity: Microsoft survey

Pandemic has pushed firms to change investment policies with 43% prioritising cloud security investments, revealed Microsoft survey. One in two Indian business leaders said that upskilling workforce is the biggest challenge for their IT security teams. 37% voted for prioritising investments in data and information security. 54% of leaders plan to hire additional security professionals; 80% have already done so. 70% plan to deploy Zero-Trust capabilities soon.

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Indian employees are 2X more enthusiastic for digital reskilling: Microsoft survey

A Microsoft India study revealed that the percentage of Indian employees (85%) interested in digital reskilling is more than double of employees across all other markets (38%). 50% of all employees will be AI-skilled over the next 6 to 10 years. All AI firms are reskilling their employees and 98% of the employees surveyed are highly motivated for it. 93% of AI firms are actively hiring skilled workers to complement their internal skilling programs.

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70% of firms see half of their workforce to be digital post-COVID-19: Survey

A survey by Automation Anywhere – a global leader in RPA said that one in four organisations expect more than 80% of their workforce to be a digital workforce in the world after COVID-19. The pandemic has spread a new wave of digitalisation, which will revolutionise our way of living. It surveyed more than 5,000 senior executives from mid-size to large organizations in over 20 countries across India, the Middle East and emerging markets in Africa and South Asia.

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