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14.7% YOY rise in India’s tablet shipment after four years of decline

There was a 14.7% YoY growth in the Indian Tablet market with 2.8 mn units shipped in 2020 after declining for the last four years, said an IDC report. Due to the postponement of all govt projects to 2021, the commercial shipment declined 14.3% YoY while the consumer segment grew 59.8% YoY. Pandemic pushed people towards e-learning platforms, which gave a 6.6% YoY growth to Lenovo. Samsung’s consumer segment with shipments growing by 157% over 2019.

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Lenovo expects 25-30% growth this FY, to start Tablet manufacturing in India

Lenovo expects to grow by 25-30 % in the current FY following rising demand from the education sector and large enterprises. However, the growth may decline in the next FY, said Lenovo India CEO and MD Rahul Agarwal. He said that Lenovo is also planning to start manufacturing tablets in India and expand laptop manufacturing by about 10X. Agarwal said B2B demand was still muted and it may grow by 4-5 % for a full year.

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Global PC market to decline 7% this year, to recover in 2021

Global PC and tablet shipments in CY 2020 are expected to decline 7% due to the economic slowdown caused by COVID-19 and lockdown. It would remain flat in the year 2021 and expected to see a growth of 2% in 2022, said research firm Canalys. Canalys said that the PC market in Asia Pacific region will shrink by 1% YoY 2020, and recovery will start in 2021. The firm said that the financial impact of the lockdown will have a long term impact.

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