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Tata Com, BIX extend partnership to offer high-speed internet in Bahrain

Tata Communications and Bahrain Internet Exchange have extended partnership to offer high-speed internet connectivity that can be scaled up beyond 100 Gbps. TGN-Gulf cable system, equipped with next-gen Optical Transport Unit, will provide Middle East businesses – OTTs, gaming firms, govt agencies, hyperscalers – expand reach in the region, access to the globe and direct forward connectivity to Europe, India.

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Tata Comm acquires majority stake in eSIm tech provider Oasis

Tata Communications has acquired a 58.1% equity stake in embedded-SIM tech provider, Oasis Smart SIM Europe. Oasis will now be integrated with the company’s IoT solution platform for businesses MOVE. The combined entity will serve the mobility needs of enterprises and device manufacturers. eSIMs facilitate cellular connectivity for IoT and M2M apps, offering the ability to connect with multiple mobile network operators.

Demand for IoT solutions rises in manufacturing units, service sector to follow

Tata Communications is witnessing an exponential rise in demand for IoT workplace solutions from the manufacturing sector. The company expects that the service sector will soon follow the trend. There is also a demand for enabling IoT for facility and vehicle tracking for monitoring and control. Demand for IoT solutions, before COVID-19 outbreak, was 100 to 200 devices from an organisation, but now it’s going beyond thousands of devices.

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Tata Comm new CEO’s views on future growth, challenges

1. Tata Comm served 150+ clients with their cutting-edge WFH solutions, amid pandemic. 2. The firm is facing challenges in converting pipelined deals. 3. With robust, secure and scalable engineering methods, they can withstand competition. 4. FY21 will be more productive for E-commerce, collaboration. 5. 50%-60% staff will WFH even after normalisation. 6. They have not received a revised demand from SC after providing certificates and proofs for a paid basis. 

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