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Q1 saw top 3 tech companies hire 41,000 professionals

Infosys, TCS, and Wipro have collectively added 40,887 to their workforce in the Q1 of the fiscal year 2021. TCS hired 20,000+ people, while Infosys and Wipro hired 8,000 and 12,000 people respectively. Infosys’ voluntary attrition increased to 13.9% from 10.9% in the previous quarter so they hired to fill attrition and meet the new demand. TCS has announced its plans to hire 40,000 freshers while Infosys is committed to hiring 35,000 and Wipro will hire 12,000.

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Infosys will hire 35,000 freshers in Y22

Infosys, to meet the growing demand for talent, will hire 35,000 fresh graduates globally in the FY22. With the quarter ending on June 30, Infosys added another 8,304 employees, taking the total number to 2,67,953. TCS also announced it would hire almost 40,000 college graduates in India, apart from the US and Latin America. The previous quarter had Infosys report a 13.9% attrition compared to 10.9% of the quarter before that.

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SonyLIV, TCS join hands to enhance UX, steer growth

TCS has signed a strategic pact with SonyLIV to help create an innovative business model enabled by digital tech and enhance UX. AI and ML tools of TCS will be used to digitalize SonyLIV’s core OTT platform. The aim is to provide personalized experiences to subscribers and help SonyLIV use data and insights to monetize content. TCS will also set up a state-of-the-art Experience Design Center and deploy its Location Independent Agile Model.

Airtel-TCS collaborate for ‘Made in India’ 5G

Bharti Airtel and Tata Group, to implement 5G networks, has announced a strategic partnership. Tata Group has integrated a totally indigenous telecom stack and has developed O-RAN-based Radio and NSA/SA Core. Starting Jan 2022, the technology will be made available for commercial use. The company has assured potential clients that the ‘Made in India’ 5G product and solutions are at par with the global standards.

80% of eligible staff to get a salary hike, says Wipro

Wipro has announced a salary hike for 80% of its eligible staff in Sept, its second such exercise this year to retain key employees. The increments will be in the high single digits for offshore employees while it will be in the mid-single digits for onsite employees. Wipro’s larger rival Tata Consultancy Services rolled out salary increments in April, the second in six months to its 4.89 lakh workforce across the globe.

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TCS aims to be net-zero emissions firm by 2030

TCS plans to cut greenhouse emissions in the next 10 years to become carbon-neutral. It aims at zero emissions by 2030 meaning that all its new emissions would be offset by green measures — reforestation. TCS will deploy Clever Energy, which will use new-age tech like IoT, ML, and AI to cut energy consumption across office campuses. TCSs environmental footprint was drastically cut in the FY21 following the large-scale switch to WFH amid lockdown due to the pandemic.

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GE’s stake in TCS Saudi Arabia has been acquired by TCS

TCS, on Thursday, announced the completion of the acquisition of GE’s stake in TCS Saudi Arabia. In Jan, TCS said that it will buy GE’s stake in TCS Saudi Arabia valued at $12,471 and the process would take 3-6 months. In partnership with GE, TCS in 2013 announced the formation of an all-women business service center in Saudi. Saudi Desert Rose BV, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GE International, held a 26% stake in TCS SA, while the rest was held by TCS Netherlands.

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TCS ropes in best digital talent globally with the help of CodeVita

TCS has been getting a talented work pool from its annual global coding contest, CodeVita. Despite having campus hiring, TCSs continue to rely on CodeVita to hire specialist coders in domains of research, innovation, and security. TCS has made 11,112 job proposals since 2014 to Codevita contestants. In April CodeVita made it to the Guinness book of world records for the “Largest computer programming competition” which saw 1.36 lakh contestants from 34 countries.

Innovation Hub launched by TCS in Amsterdam

Indian software service giant TCS has launched TCS Pace Port Amsterdam, a co-innovation and advanced research center. After New York and Tokyo, Amsterdam is the third location for an innovation hub of TCS. The people hired will be from academia, government institutions, start-ups, and technology providers. “Pace Port Amsterdam will serve as the European innovation hub”, said the head of TCS Europe, Sapthagiri Chapalapalli.

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