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eSports sector in India is expected to grow by four times by 2025

eSports industry in India, according to a report, to grow four times by 2025. It is currently at Rs 250 cr and with an annual growth rate of 46%, it will reach Rs 1,100cr. The prize pool is expected to reach Rs 100 cr by 2025. Currently, India accounts for 0.6% of the global pool and this figure may reach 2% by 2025. The number of esports players could reach 1.5 mn and 250,000 teams. Viewership could reach 85 mn and stream revenue to reach Rs 650 cr till 2025.

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Microsoft launches new Teams Toolkit, cloud tools at developer event 2021

Virtual annual developer event of Microsoft marked the release of new features in its productivity apps, Azure Cloud and Developer Tooling. Microsoft also announced that 95% of the world’s biggest companies are operating on Microsoft Cloud. It also brought out the latest VS-19 update while releasing the roadmap to VS-22. New meeting features such as shared stage, Together mode extensibility were also revealed. Tech giant also launched a new cloud service – Azure Applied AI services.

Microsoft Teams’ daily active users peaked at 145 mn

Microsoft Teams’ DAU peaked to145 mn, almost 2x what it used to be a year ago. Besides, over 1,000 enterprise users have integrated third-party and business apps with Teams, a 300% rise from a year ago. “In markets where employees have returned to the workplace including Australia, China, New Zealand, South Korea, and Taiwan, we have seen usage continue to grow,” CEO Satya Nadella said during Microsoft’s earnings call.

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Zoom adds Immersive View for in-person meetings-like experience

Zoom has added a new feature named ‘Immersive View’, a new video background capability that mimics in-person meetings like experience to give a life-like background to users. The feature is similar to the Together Mode in Microsoft Teams. Immersive View is available to all users and can accommodate 25 people in meetings and webinars. The company which is synonymous with VC unveiled the Immersive View in October last year.

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Microsoft says an outage with Microsoft 365 services mitigated

Microsoft has mitigated issues with Microsoft 365 services including Teams and Azure. “We have confirmed that the underlying DNS outage has been mitigated. Currently, we’re validating the recovery of the downstream Microsoft 365 services,” it said in a tweet. DNS is an address book of the internet that enables PCs to match website addresses with the correct server. Earlier, over 8,000 people reported issues with Teams workplace on Downdetector.

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Salesforce acquires Slack in a $27.7 bn megadeal

CRM powerhouse Salesforce has acquired enterprise communication platform Slack in a $27.7 bn megadeal, slightly higher than the market valuation of $ 25 bn. The deal will have Salesforce to compete with arch-rival and sometimes partners like Microsoft, whose Teams product is a direct challenge to Slack. Slack was ripe for the acquisition as at the beginning of the year 2020 it had lost around 40% of its value since it went public. 

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Microsoft reverts the changes that disrupted multiple 365 services

Microsoft Corp said a change it had made recently could have caused accessibility issues with multiple 365 services, including Teams and Outlook and that the company has reverted it. Last week, the company rolled back an update, which had likely caused a major outage to its 365 services. Outage tracking website on Wednesday showed over 19000 users were facing issues with Office 365 and over 18000 incidents were reported involving Outlook.

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How technology can and may change the world post-COVID

1. Collaboration tools like Teams, Zoom etc will ensure professional and personal connectivity. 2. Cloud platforms – public, private, hybrid – will enable the remote accessibility of data. 3. No-touch environment will be facilitated by drones, robotics, automation. 4. AR/VR-led sales platform will enable remote selling. 5. Surveillance tools, facial recognition, contact tracing apps will ensure social distancing compliance. 6. Virtual learning.

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