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Uber to expand tech, product teams in India; plans to hire 250 engineers 

Uber announced that it is planning to hire around 250 engineers for its Hyderabad and Bangalore-based teams. The hiring of engineers aims to improve rider and driver growth, delivery, eats, digital payments, risk & compliance, marketplace, customer obsession, infrastructure, ad tech, data, safety, and finance technology teams. Uber is looking to expand its teams with engineers who can solve the mobility and delivery problem.

Oracle reveals first 3D ad-measurement in games tech

Oracle announced the release of the first-ever 3D ad-measurement in-game tech. This will enable companies to get a better understanding of the impact of ads on video games. The latest Oracle update includes GIVT measurement for PC, mobile, and web-based gaming environments in ‘Oracle Moat Measurement’. Oracle Moat will enable advertisers to better analyze ad impressions and GIVT and manage their investments.

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Microsoft aims 50,000 jobs with LinkedIn ‘re-skilling’ effort

Microsoft, with Linkedin Re-skilling courses, plans to place 50,000 people in tech skills jobs. The tech giant aims to help people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic move into new fields. The effort began last year when LinkedIn made many paid digital skills training courses — software development, data analysis and financial analysis — free for users. Microsoft and LinkedIn had aimed to get 25 mn people to try these courses, but the figure hit 30.7 mn.

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