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Google redesigns Search on smartphone to enhance user experience

Google has redesigned the search results on smartphones. The redesign includes larger and bolder text to make it easier to read, colour to highlight important information. Results will take more width of the screen and minimise the use of shadows. It has focused on content and images instead of design elements around the information. The update also includes more of Google’s own font, which already shows up in Android, Gmail, and other Google products.

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Govt to continue the ban on TikTok, PUBG

The govt, in a notice to banned Chinese apps, said the order to block them would continue under section 69A of the IT Act. India banned 59 Chinese apps including TikTok in June 2020 and 118 apps, including PUBG mobile game, in Sept 2020, blocking more than 200 apps up till now. The apps were “stealing and surreptitiously transmitting users’ data in an unauthorised manner to servers which have locations outside India” the ministry had said.

COVID Impact: Dropbox to layoff 11% of the global workforce, COO to step down

Dropbox announced that its newly joined COO is stepping down and said that it will ask 11% of its global workforce or 315 people to go, as it shifts business resources in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shares of the file hosting service provider fell nearly 6% to $22.26 after Dropbox said COO Olivia Nottebohm, who joined last year from Google, will step down on Feb. 5. Details of a replacement for the COO was not provided.

Byju’s acquires Aakash Educational Services for $1 bn

India’s biggest online-education startup Byju’s had signed a deal to acquire brick and mortar test prep leader Aakash Educational Services for $1 billion. Blackstone Group-backed Aakash Educational Services ran Aakash Institute would swap a portion of its 37.5% equity in Aakash for Byju’s stake. Byju’s, which is valued at $12 bn, had been on a fund-raising spree as the pandemic demanded its online lessons.

Slack says customers in USA may be facing issues loading app

Slack Technologies said that its customers on the USA East Coast may be experiencing trouble loading its workplace chat application. The enterprise communication platform company’s technology team is investigating the problem, which includes issues with loading the quick switcher feature, users and profile details, according to its status page. More details of the issue are awaited.

LG acquires more than 50% stake in Alphonso for $80 mn

LG Electronics had acquired more than 50% stake in US-based TV data analysis startup Alphonso for $80 mn. It aims to boost its software and service capabilities in the TV business to offer enhanced and customised services particularly to its North American customers by utilising Alphonso’s data, TV ad analytics and AI capabilities. Alphonso had shipped 90% smart TVs through which users could enjoy video content with an internet connection.

Atos bids $10 bn to buy DXC Technology: Reports

France’s Atos had made a more than $10 bn takeover approach for New York-listed rival DXC Technology to boost its presence in the US and have access to a wide range of clients, B2B products, analytics, cloud apps, IT outsourcing services and lead to synergies and cost savings. The French firm led by CEO Elie Girard, had recently bought cybersecurity, AI and digital consultancy firms to grow its revenues by 5% to 7% in the mid-term.

Indian origin Dr. Raj Iyer to be the first CIO of the US Army

Indian-American Dr Raj Iyer, a native of Tamil Nadu had taken over as the first CIO of the US Army. Iyer would supervise an annual budget of $ 16 bn and execute policies and programmes to achieve digital overmatch against China and Russia. In 26 yrs of career, he had supported a range of defence and commercial clients and established new organisations in the army, co-founded a tech start-up, and led recovery programmes such as Obamacare.

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Tim Cook’s salary jumps 28% in 2020

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s salary jumped 28% this year. Cook’s 2020 pay, excluding vested shares, was $14.8 mn, including the cash bonus and a $3 mn salary that didn’t change from the prior year. In addition, Cook had a total of $281.9 mn in restricted stock that vested during the year.  Cook took home $125 mn as his pay package in 2019, nearly 8 % lower than $136 mn which he received in total compensation in 2018.