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Data of 533 million Facebook users being sold via Telegram bot

Phone numbers of 533 mn Facebook users are currently being sold via a bot on Telegram, which came from the social network’s vulnerability that was patched in 2019. The person selling the database full of Facebook users’ phone numbers at $20 per number lets customers lookup those numbers by using an automated Telegram bot. The hacker claims to have information on users from the US, Canada, UK, Australia and 15 other countries.

Signal users unable to send messages, now operational again

Signal faced a global outage wherein its users were not able to send messages.  The messaging app, while conforming the outage, said it was going through ‘technical difficulties.’ However, Signal’s cross-platform messaging service is operational again. Signal, unlike Telegram and WhatsApp, collects no data from its users and has promised that it would never share the data which led to a huge number of WhatsApp users to shift to the rival application.

Now Telegram reports outage

Telegram, joining the ranks with tech giants facing outages in the recent past, reported a downtime in few geographies across the globe. The instant messaging platform acknowledged the issue through a series of tweets. “Some of our users, primarily in Europe and the Middle East are currently experiencing connection issues. We’re working to bring them back online. Please hang on, and sorry for the inconvenience!” said one the company Tweet.

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