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Tesla starts hiring roboticists to build “Tesla Bot”

Tesla has started the process of hiring roboticists to build its recently announced “Tesla Bot”. Jobs such as Mechanical Engineer-Actuator Integration (Humanoid Robot), Mechanical Engineer-Actuator Gear Design, etc. were listed by Tesla online. Tesla is looking for highly skilled colleagues to help build the next generation biped robot, said one of the job descriptions. The prototype of the bot is scheduled for next year.

Source: Business Standard

Tesla Bot is nothing but a distraction

The “Tesla Bot”, which billionaire Elon Musk announced recently is nothing but a joke, to pry media attention away from recent federal investigations into Tesla. The bot, who was actually just a dancer in a spandex suit, is touted by Musk as Tesla’s AI-driven solution to boring repetitive jobs. ‘”It’s just the usual overblown hype”, a lecturer in Robotics Engineering said.

Source: The Verge

Panasonic sells Tesla stake for $3.6bn

Panasonic has sold its stake in Tesla for 400 bn yen. The company said it wants to be less reliant on Tesla and invest the funds for growth. Panasonic had invested $30 mn in 2010 for 1.4 mn Tesla shares which were worth $730 mn at the end of March 2020. On Friday, Panasonic saw a rise of 4.2% in its share price. Panasonic is looking to buy shares of U.S. supply-chain software company Blue Yonder in a $7.1bn deal.

Tesla’s in-car cams will monitor you in autopilot mode

Tesla’s Model 3 or Model Y cars will be monitored by in-car cameras when in autopilot mode. The new feature was added with a new software update, which gives the user an option to share the data or store it locally. Elon Musk, in a tweet, said that radars were not being used, instead, in-built cameras will keep track when on autopilot. There is much speculation regarding driver safety around in-car cameras as Tesla has lost its “Top-Pick” status from consumer reports.

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After Musk tweets Bitcoin hits 3-month low then rallies

Bitcoin, following Elon Musk’s tweet, rallied from a three-month low in a session that went back and forth. Musk, however, clarified speculations and said Tesla has not sold any bitcoins. On Monday bitcoin dropped almost 9% but rallied back to more than 5%. Ether dropped to $3,123.94 and dogecoin dropped nearly 7%. Ever since Musk tweeted about Tesla not accepting payments in bitcoins for cars, bitcoin has dropped by almost a quarter.

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Tesla stops the payment of cars in bitcoins

Elon Musk has taken a step back on his stance on bitcoin and halted payments of cars via bitcoins. Tesla is concerned about the use of fossil fuels for mining bitcoins that have a disastrous effect on the environment. Following the tweet by Musk, bitcoin fell more than 4%. Tesla, in this quarter, spent $1.5bn on bitcoin and then cut its position by 10%. The sale made a $101mn positive impact on the company’s profit during the period.

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Tesla will provide a platform for Chinese customers to access car data

Tesla, later this year, will launch a platform to allow customers in China to access the data generated by their cars. This has never happened before in China which is the world’s largest car market and highly controlled market, Data collected from Tesla electric cars, via multiple sensors installed in the vehicle in form of pictures and videos, is stored locally in the country. Tesla makes Model 3 sedans and Model Y sport-utility cars in China.

Elon Musk says Tesla will be known as AI robotics firm

Elon Musk said that Tesla is not just an electric-car maker but going forward people will know it as an AI robotics company. He said that Tesla was in the process of building one of the strongest hardware and software AI teams across the globe. “We appear to be able to do things with self-driving that others cannot. So and if you look at the evolution of what tech we have developed, we developed them in order to solve the problem of self-driving,” he said.

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WeWork to accept payments in cryptocurrencies

WeWork will start accepting payments in select cryptocurrencies to become the latest entry in the elite firms jumping into the digital currency space including Tesla, Visa, Bank of NY Mellon. The Softbank backed firm has partnered with Coinbase Global and Bitpay to facilitate transactions. Visa, last month, also started accepting payment settlements using cryptocurrency, similarly, PayPal also launched a crypto checkout service.

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