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Bejing would rather see TikTok USA close than a forced sale

China would prefer to see the short video app TikTok shut down its operation in the USA, rather than a forced sale by the Trump administration, reported Reuters. The news report, quoting three people with direct knowledge of the matter, said that Bejing believes a forced sale would make China appear weak. Microsoft and Oracle are in talks with Bytedance for the purchase of TikTok assets in the USA.  Trump’s deadline for sale will end in mid-September.

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TikTok confirms it is suing the US government

TikTok is suing the US govt for banning its operations in the country. It claims that users’ data is stored in Singapore, US servers. “The Trump administration has ignored our numerous efforts”, it added. The critics say TikTok’s China ties make it a national threat in itself, irrespective of where the data is stored. TikTok knows that winning the lawsuit is not absolutely essential as the upcoming presidential elections (Trump losing) could retain its ban.

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Trump signs order banning US business with TikTok in 45 days

US President Donald Trump ordered that ban on TikTok and its parent will take effect in 45 days. The order will bar any transactions by any person or business with ByteDance Ltd or any company in which it has an interest. Trump’s order to ban TikTok in the US is based on the grounds of national security. Microsoft has lately been in talks to acquire TikTok’s entire business. The firm will have to secure the deal before Sept 15, as per the order.

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Microsoft may takeover TikTok’s entire global business, including India ops

Microsoft and Bytedance’s deal to buy TikTok’s assets may include its entire global operations, including India, its biggest market, said a Finacial Times report.  Earlier reports suggested that the deal may be limited to TikTok’s operations in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Few investors valued TikTok’s India business around $10 bn. India, where TikTok is banned along with 58 other Chinese apps, was its biggest’s biggest market with over 650 mn downloads.

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Trump gives ’45-days’ negotiation time to Microsoft to buy TikTok

The US President Donald Trump has given a 45-days deadline to Microsoft to acquire TikTok. If Microsoft or any other States’ firm is unable to buy TikTok before September 15, the app’s usage will be restricted across the country. Earlier, Trump dismissed the idea of Microsoft buying TikTok. But, the continuous pressure of November’s presidential elections made him back the Microsoft-TikTok talks.

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Microsoft in talks to buy US biz of TikTok; deal could complete next week

Microsoft, as per a Wall Street Journal report, is all set to acquire the US business of controversial yet popular app Tik Tok. This has come at a time when the US President may anytime sign an executive order banning the Chinese app anytime due to national security concerns. Satya Nadella-led Microsoft could complete the deal by Monday. Representatives from Mi­crosoft, Bytedance and the White House are involved in the negotiation, said the report.

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Rival Triller files patent infringement lawsuit against TikTok

Triller has sued rival TikTok and parent ByteDance for infringing its patent that covers systems and methods for creating music videos with the same audio track; focussing mainly on TikTok’s ‘Green Screen video’ effect. Notably, TikTok is not the only one short-video making platform. Several others including Reels, Dubsmash also offer the same feature. No lawsuit was filed against them. Also, this news is at a time when the US is already considering a ban on TikTok.

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