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Irish data protection Commission probes TikTok for data handling

Two probes have been initiated by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission, which will look into TikTok’s data handling. The commission is the EU’s main regulator for apps like TikTok and will examine the app’s data protection requirements, while also checking transfers of data by TikTok to China. The Commission has the authority to levy fines of up to 4% of the companies revenues, and the probes go on to show another instance of possible data theft by China.

Source: Techcrunch

TikTok parent ByteDance buys VR-maker Pico

ByteDance is said to be in the process of acquiring Beijing-based Pico, reported VR news site Vrtuoluo. The deal will be signed for $770M (5B yuan). As one of the world’s largest VR-makers, Pico will enable ByteDance to enter the VR market fast. While current VR headsets are relatively expensive, due to high processor costs, it remains to be seen how ByteDance leverages its creative and technical talent to get the best out of Pico.

Source: The Verge

Chinese govt acquires stake in Bytedance

The Chinese govt acquired a 1% stake in Bytedance, the parent firm of TikTok. Reports said the govt had been contemplating the move since 2017. While it is unclear how much control a 1% stake grants, investors are still fearful over the increased government control. While TikTok has already been accused of handing over user data to Beijing, the newly acquired stake will only make it harder for TikTok to deny the accusations.

Source: Techcrunch

TikTok-like video feed button on Reddit’s iOS version

Discussion-based forum, Reddit, is also looking to add a video feed button into their App. It will take users to a stream of videos, with a configuration similar to the popular short video app TikTok. Users can upvote, downvote and comment, while swiping down for new videos. A fixed timeline for roll-out has not been decided, Reddit has confirmed the icon appeared for some iOS users in the month of July and continues to be rolled out for others.

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More privacy protection for teens on TikTok

TikTok is the latest tech firm to introduce a host of restrictions to increase privacy protection for teens. The changes will be introduced for users aged 13-17, more restrictive for 13 to15, and a little permissive for between 16-17. The changes will include a choice for in-app messaging, the nature of the user’s videos, the default download settings, and most importantly, push notifications. TikTok is now making a direct push for teens to choose how public they want their content to be.

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Facebook, Instagram to investment $ 1bn for content creators

With mobile app rival TikTok announcing 3 bn global downloads, Facebook is ramping up the process to lure content creators and is investing $ 1bn for the same. The strategic investment will have bonus programs to pay creators, including photo-sharing service Instagram, and fund users to produce content. TikTok has committed $2 bn to support creators over three years while Snapchat pays creators a $1 mn per day.

ByteDance postpones IPO indefinitely

TikTok’s Chinese owner, ByteDance, has put its initial public offering (IPO) preparations on hold indefinitely. Before listing abroad, China’s regulators cautioned the firm about data security threats. More Chinese companies, according to observers, planning to list in the United States are reconsidering their plans due to the country’s increasing data security. ByteDance is among the 13 Chinese internet firms asked by the govt to adhere to data regulation and lending practices.

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TikTok goes down for several hours in USA

Viral short video app TikTok, according to Down Detector, was down for several hours on Wednesday. The company confirmed the outage and said that the app was experiencing some issues, and the team is working on fixing them. The popular app, which was banned in India last year, was down for more than four hours and was back to normal. TikTok outage was mostly experienced by users in the US. The company hasn’t explained the reason behind the outage.

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6 mn videos removed from TikTok Pakistan

TikTok, in the last three months, has removed 6,495,992 videos in Pakistan. The short-video app has already been shut down twice before in the country over ‘indecent’ content allegations. To evade the complete ban, TikTok is willing to remove and block content in Pakistan. The Pakistan govt has also banned dating apps and asked YouTube to remove all content they considered “objectionable”. Small anti-TikTok rallies also took place earlier this month.