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Tracking cookies will not be blocked by Google Chrome till 2023

The move to block tracking cookies on Google chrome has been pushed further by two years till 2023. Rivals accused Google of using improved privacy to gain greater market share.  As the Competition and Markets Authority has started investigating the matter, Google will choose new tech by late next year, do final testing, and then gradually phase out tracking cookies starting mid-2023. Apple’s Safari browser is looking for similar changes.

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Microsoft, ballot makers join hands to allow voters to track vote

Microsoft’s vote tracking system will now be integrated into Hart InterCivic Inc voting machines making them the first company to do so. This program will help people confirm if their vote was cast or not and will add an extra layer of security. Customers across 500 jurisdictions and 17 states will have the final say, whether to adopt the program or not. The voting process remains the same, in the end, voters will get a paper with a QR code that can be used to track their ballot.

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Apple rolls out privacy prioritised ad highlighting App Tracking Transparency  

Apple has rolled out a privacy prioritized ad highlighting App Tracking Transparency for its smartphones. The new feature stops various kinds of tracking on iPhone devices. Apple launched ATT on iOS 14.5. The new feature requires apps to seek permission before tracking the user on other apps or websites. 96% of iPhone users opt-out of tracking using the new ATT feature. 36% of users said it’s their favorite iOS 14.5 feature.