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TSMC’s first chip tech users are Apple and Intel

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co or TSMC’s next-generation chip technology’s first adopters are Apple Inc and Intel Corp. This technology will not be deployed until next year. Apple and Intel are testing their chip designs with TSMC’s 3-nanometer production technology. Nikkie Asia, in a report, said the production of these chips will start in the second half of 2022.

TSMC Arizona chip factory site is now under construction

TSMC said it has started construction at the Arizona chip factory site and plans to invest $12bn. CEO CC Wei in a presentation said the chip factory is on track to start mass production of its 5-nanometer chips by 2024. In the next decade and a half, TSMC plans to build six factories in the Arizona site. TSMC is Asia’s most valuable manufacturing firm with a valuation of $563bn. $100mn to be spent in the next three years for upgrading factory outputs, with $30mn in 2021.

Intel to spend $ 20 bn to revive manufacturing, chase TSMC

Intel’s new CEO Pat Gelsinger will spend $20 bn on two new plants to break into the foundry business. The firm plans more factories across the USA. The aggressive plan will put Intel into direct competition with the world’s most-advanced chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Intel, for decades dominated the $400 bn industry, But today, Intel’s factories trail TSMC and Samsung, which make chips for Intel competitors — AMD, Amazon and Apple.

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Apple partners with TSMC to develop microdisplays for AR devices

Apple has joined hands with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co to develop micro OLED displays for its yet to launched augmented reality devices. Apple is partnering with TSMC, the sole supplier of iPhone processors, as micro OLED displays are thinner, smaller and consume less power, making them more suitable for use in wearable AR devices. The displays under development are less than 1 inch in size, reports said.

Huawei delays launch of its flagship phone series amid US sanctions

Huawei has delayed the launch of its next-gen flagship phone series, Huawei Mate 40 to next year. The delay is because of the US sanctions, that’ll also make large scale selling outside China difficult for Huawei. It won’t receive chips from TSMC; OLED displays from Samsung, LG. However, claims it has stocked 10M chip units to ensure uninterrupted supply. While hardware supply is a problem, it has solved the software issue by launching in-house HarmonyOS.

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