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Twitter acqui-hires creative agency for new products

Twitter acqui-hired the full-service creative agency Ueno in-house to work alongside Twitter’s own design and research teams. Ueno had worked for large brands like Google, Facebook, Reuters, Uber, ESPN, Walmart, Visa, Apple, Slack and others.Twitter Chief Design Officer Dantley Davis had said the team would help Twitter to “accelerate the quality and execution of product experiences.” Ueno and Twitter have partnered together in the past on various designs.

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Twitter, Facebook freeze Trump accounts following violence in USA capitol

Twitter and Facebook temporarily blocked the accounts of President Donald Trump, amid riots in the capital in which a woman lost life. Facebook has blocked Trump’s page from posting for 24 hrs, while Twitter locked @realDonaldTrump handle for 12 hrs and said that if tweets violating its policy are not removed, the account would remain locked. Pro-Trump protesters stormed the Capitol in an attempt to force Congress to block the appointment of President-elect Joe Biden.

Twitter acquires a social podcasting app, Breaker

Breaker, a podcasting app would shut down its app and website next week as it would be acquired by the social media company, Twitter Inc. The app users could now transfer their subscriptions to other podcast-listening apps like those offered by Apple Inc and Spotify. Breaker joining Twitter would “improve public conversation as well as build a new audio-based networking project, Twitter Spaces.

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6 Massive cyberattacks that shook the world in 2020

1) When hackers accessed tools that  FireEye uses to test its customers’ security. 2) Marriott International data leak affecting 5.2 mn guests. 3) The Twitter cryptocurrency hack affecting the accounts of Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and many. 4) Hacking at airline group EasyJet affecting 9 mn flyers 5) Cyberattacks at New Zealand stock exchange 6)  Nation-state actors targeting seven prominent firms involved in researching vaccines and treatments for Covid-19.

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Twitter fined  $547K over a data breach in Ireland

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission has imposed a fined of around $547,000 on Twitter for failing to declare and document a data breach under Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation. The regulation requires breaches of personal data to be notified to the authority within 72 hrs of becoming aware of the breach and document what data was involved and how they’ve responded to the security incident. Twitter was found to have failed on both counts.

Facebook, Google, Twitter threaten to leave Pak over new censor rules

Asia Internet Coalition, which represents Internet and technologies companies i.e. Google, Facebook, Twitter, has threatened to leave Pakistan after PM Imran Khan granted blanket powers to authorities to censor digital content. The move is believed to aimed at curtailing freedom of expression in the Islamic state. These firms, as pew rules, face a fine of up to $3.14 mn for failure to curb content deemed to be defamatory of Islam, promoting terrorism, pornography, etc.

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Twitter appoints famous hacker ‘Mudge’ as head of security

Twitter appointed Peiter Zatko, famous for his hacker handle Mudge, to the position of head of security, to recommend changes in physical and digital structure and practices. Zatko will report to CEO Jack Dorsey and is expected to take over the new role after a 45-to 60-day review. Twitter faces numerous cybersecurity challenges. In July, hackers got access to internal tools, which let them tweet from the accounts of Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and many.

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Twitter brings ArtHouse to India to help create brands mobile-first ads

Twitter to introduce ArtHouse, its in-house creative services team, in India to help brands create mobile-first ads, work with influencers, artistes and digital video producers to help design content. The team has begun conversations with Indian advertising and marketing agencies to partner with brands. ArtHouse, at present, has teams in the US, UK, Brazil, Japan and Singapore.  India has 18 million Twitter users and video is the most popular ad format.

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Twitter users complain of not being able to refresh tweets

Twitter was down on Wednesday evening as it was not responding for several users across the world. Tweeples in India and and South Asia were unable to refresh tweets. Over 2,200 users had reported the issue on The cause of the outage is not known yet. Earlier, Twitter, on 16 Oct, was down due to the changes it had made into its internal systems. In July, some high profile Twitter accounts was hacked in what seems to be a cryptocurrency scam.

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