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Instagram’s new Collab feature is under testing in India, UK

Instagram is making it easier for content creators to have collaborations and easily co-author posts and reels. The new Collab feature is under testing in India and the UK that will enable users to allow another account as a collaborator. Instagram mentioned that currently only public accounts can be invited as collaborators. This is the first step Facebook is taking after announcing a $1bn investment into content creators last week.

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To fight financial fraud in the UK, Google announces additional measures

Google has announced measures to clamp down on financial fraud on its platform in Britain. The search giant has now made it mandatory that all financial services be verified before they advertise on its platform. The new policy will be updated on August 30, 2021, and will come into action by Sept 6. Google’s new policy will include calls from the Financial Conduct Authority for the U.S. However, the FCA has not yet responded to this update.

Vodafone partners with Amazon to provide Edge computing in UK

Vodafone partnered with AWS for providing Edge computing services to customers in the UK. The telco offers a unique service with the combination 5G and edge computing, having latency as low as 10 milliseconds. Low-latency Edge computing service will be initially provided to customers of London and surrounding cities of Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, and Cardiff. Scotland and the northern regions of the UK will get this service by 2022.

HCL hires 1,000 techies as it plans to invest more in the UK

HCL technologies have increased their investment in the UK to strengthen the Indo-UK bond. The Noida, India headquartered company plans to hire 1,000 fresh techies for the role of digital transformation, cloud, AI, and cybersecurity. HCL has also welcomed UK’s aid to India amidst the Covid-19 crisis. The tech firm has over 3500 employees in the UK who support over 50 clients in the country. It is among the top employer in the UK for the 15th time in a row.

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Lawsuit filed against Apple for overcharging 20mn users

A lawsuit in the UK was filed against Apple alleging overcharging iPhone and iPad users. The claimants said that the 30% standard fee is excessive and unlawful. Apple said its prices are in the mainstream of those charged by other digital markets. 84% of apps are free and developers are to give a 15% commission to Apple. An estimate of 1.5 mn pounds, as per the lawsuit, has to be compensated to users who purchased anything from the app store since 2015.

Infosys to hire 1,000 people in UK for digital roles

India’s Infosys will hire 1000 techies in the UK over the next three years for various digital roles. These new recruits would be employed in various new-age tech jobs including cloud computing, data and analytics, AI, open-source tech, and enterprise services to supports Infosys’ global clientele. The IT services firm would also provide critical training and mentoring opportunities for the fresh hires.

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Wipro opens Innovation Centre in London, to invest  GBP rpt GBP 16 mn in 4 years

Wipro announced the setting up of an Innovation Centre in London and said that will invest GBP rpt GBP 16 mn in the next four years in the 20,000 sq. ft. center. Wipro’s proposed flagship center in the UK will provide advanced digital, cyber-security, and cloud expertise and offer tech expertise to companies in the UK and globally. The year 2021 marks Wipro’s 75th global anniversary, and 25 years in the UK, where it employs over 4000 people.

Facebook suspends 16,000 accounts for trading fake reviews

Facebook suspended 16,000 accounts trading fake reviews of products and services. The social network took the step under the pressure of Britain’s competition watchdog, which intervened for the second time. It also made changes to detect, remove and prevent misleading paid content, including on Instagram. Competition and Markets Authority began a crackdown after it found evidence of a growing marketplace for misleading reviews on internet platforms.

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UK creates tech hub for more ‘ethical’ business with China

The UK govt has issued guidance to help local firms negotiate the “ethical, legal and commercial” questions while working with Chinese businesses, and safeguard national security. Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, in the guidelines, sets out key issues digital and tech SMEs should consider as they weigh the benefits and risks of commercial ventures with Chinese firms. UK-China bilateral trade has exceeded the 76 bn pound mark.

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