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United Nations confirms April 2021 cyberattack reports

The United Nations has confirmed a Bloomberg news report about a cyberattack on its systems, released in April 2021. Stephane Dujarric, the UN General Secretary’s spokesman, was quoted saying “We can confirm that unknown attackers were able to breach parts of the UN (communications) infrastructure in April of 2021.” He also confirmed that further attacks linked to it have been detected and are being responded to, with efficiency.

Source: CNN

Indian govt rejects UN special rapporteurs criticism on new IT rules 

Three UN special rapporteurs criticized the new Indian IT rules. India denied them and said, ”the country’s democratic credentials are well recognized and the right to freedom of speech and expression is guaranteed under its Constitution.” The key problem mentioned by the rapporteurs includes possible misuse of rules to lodge a large number of complaints and also the rules in their current form do not conform with international human rights norms.