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UK creates tech hub for more ‘ethical’ business with China

The UK govt has issued guidance to help local firms negotiate the “ethical, legal and commercial” questions while working with Chinese businesses, and safeguard national security. Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, in the guidelines, sets out key issues digital and tech SMEs should consider as they weigh the benefits and risks of commercial ventures with Chinese firms. UK-China bilateral trade has exceeded the 76 bn pound mark.

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How AI and statistics can be used in early crime prediction

Police departments in the UK are working on criminal identification by analysing a person’s previous criminal records. Entitled ‘National Data Analysis Solution’ (NDAS), this project combines AI with statistics to predict if someone is likely to commit a crime. It has 1400 indicators based on various parameters for crime prediction. People prone to violent acts are given risk scores. High-risk score individuals are helped mentally to avoid committing crimes.

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