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John McAfee charged with cryptocurrency fraud

John McAfee, the antivirus software pioneer, has been charged for fraud and money-laundering from two cryptocurrency schemes. McAfee and his bodyguard have been accused of artificially inflating the process of “altcoins” via a pump-and-dump scheme using his own large Twitter following along with concealing payments received from startup businesses to promote initial coin offerings. The U.S Justice Department said they both have gained more than $13 mn from the schemes.

US sues Google; says breakup must to end violations of antitrust law

The US Justice Department sued Google accusing it of illegally using its market dominance to hobble competition to rule the market for decades. The lawsuit could lead to the break-up of the company synonymous with the internet and search. The complaint, joined by 11 states, alleges that Google acted unlawfully to maintain its position in search and search advertising on the internet. It went on to say that it bought its success through payments to mobile phone makers.

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US charges 5 Chinese, 2 Malaysian nationals in wide-ranging hacking effort

The US Justice Department has charged 5 Chinese residents and 2 Malaysian businessmen in a wide-ranging hacking effort. The Chinese nationals were charged for hacking over 100 firms in the US and abroad. The Malaysian businessmen were charged for targeting video game firms in US, France, Japan, Singapore, S Korea. The US officials did not allege hackers had ties with Beijing; but said that Chinese govt – at the very least – turns a blind eye on cyber espionage.

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US to announce charges in computer intrusion campaigns related to China

The US Justice Department said it will announce “charges and arrests related to computer intrusion campaign tied to the Chinese government”. The White House national security advisor Robert O’Brien said last month that Chinese govt-linked hackers have been targeting US election infra ahead of the upcoming presidential election. China has consistently denied US govt claims that it hacks US firms, politicians, govt agencies.

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