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TikTok goes down for several hours in USA

Viral short video app TikTok, according to Down Detector, was down for several hours on Wednesday. The company confirmed the outage and said that the app was experiencing some issues, and the team is working on fixing them. The popular app, which was banned in India last year, was down for more than four hours and was back to normal. TikTok outage was mostly experienced by users in the US. The company hasn’t explained the reason behind the outage.

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Websites of various major U.S airlines faces outage 

American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines websites faced an outage on Thursday, reported by downdetector. Almost 1000 users reported problems with Southwest airlines, 400 reported with Delta airlines, 300 reports for the other two companies. Nearly 300 flights on Wednesday were canceled by SouthWest airlines and delayed over 500 a day due to a technical issue. The reason for the outage was not known.

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LinkedIn says Amazon is most desirable workplace in USA

A LinkedIn survey said that Amazon is the most desirable workplace in the US for 2021, based on its ability to attract, develop and retain talent. It was followed by Alphabet, JPMorgan Chase, AT&T and Bank of America. Amazon is up from number 3 in 2019. The annual list uses data from Microsoft-owned professional networking platform’s 740 mn members across the globe to rank the most sought-after places to work for professionals in the US.

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Microsoft reschedules offices opening to Sept 7

Microsoft has delayed the reopening of its Redmond, headquarters and other campuses around till September. The tech giant, a few days back, announced that it will start reopening offices from March 29 with a six-stage strategy. Microsoft, in a statement based on consultation with medical and data experts, said, “we’ve shifted our earliest date for the full opening of our US worksites to Sept 7, 2021”. Microsoft has over 160,000-strong employees across the globe.

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Tesla vehicles can now be bought using bitcoin

Tesla’s Elon Musk tweeted “You can now buy a Tesla with bitcoin” and added that the bitcoin earned though sales will not be converted into traditional currency. The buying option will be available outside the USA later this year. Tesla, last month, had bought $1.5 bn of bitcoin and said that it would soon accept it as a form of payment for cars. Musk, last month, had criticised conventional cash, saying when it “has a negative real interest, only a fool wouldn’t look elsewhere.”

Russian man admits ransomware plot against Tesla

A Russian man by the name of Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov has pleaded guilty in the USA district court of offering a Tesla worker $1 mn to bring down the company’s electric battery plant-based out in Nevada with ransomware and steal sensitive data for a ransom demand. Prosecutors alleged that Kriuchkov acted on behalf of foreign-based co-conspirators. Ransomware groups, in general, operates operating from safe havens hack into networks over the internet.

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Facebook eyes newsletter business with a new platform for independent writers

Facebook will launch a new platform to let independent writers and content creators have better engagement with its readers through websites and email newsletter. The platform, in the first phase, will be available via a partnership with a “small subset of independent writers in the coming months in the USA only. Facebook, with the new platform, aims to support independent creators by providing them with additional opportunities for growth and monetisation.

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Google, Facebook should pay publishers for content: Microsoft  

Microsoft backed the Australian govt policy that would force Google and Facebook to pay publishers for the value their stories generate and proposed that the USA should adopt its own version. “The United States should not object to a creative Australian proposal that strengthens democracy by requiring tech companies to support a free press,” Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith wrote in a blog post on Thursday.

USA to look at more restrictions on tech exports to China

The Biden administration will look at adding “new targeted restrictions” on sensitive tech exports to China, media reports said. This has come at a time when the new president will have his first call with China’s Xi Jinping. The USA govt will also not move to lift Chinese trade tariffs imposed by the Trump administration before it has conducted “intense consultation and review” with allies, an official was quoted in news reports.

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