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Over 62.6 bn cyber threats Blocked in 2020

Trend Micro said it detected 119,000 cyber threats per min which lead to the blocking of over 62.6 bn threats in 2020. In this, email-borne threats made up 91%, attacks and about 14mn unique phishing URLs were detected. Attacks on home networks rose 210% to reach nearly 2.9 bn. Newly detected ransomware families increased by 34%, with “double extortion” attacks. Govt, banking, manufacturing and healthcare were some of the most targeted sectors.

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UST Global rebrands to UST

UST Global, a digital transformation solutions company, has announced a rebrand to its name, UST. The new brand theme is Boundless Impact, to empower its clients to break new ground. It would also consolidate its key sub-brands and subsidiaries under one UST unified brand. It provides the world’s leading brands with technical expertise like automation, experience design, data and AI to enable organizations to build business resilience with technology.