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Mastercard and Verizon sign a 5G contactless payment deal

Networking company Verizon has signed a deal with Mastercard Inc for using their 5G and wireless tech to build digital payment options. Verizon is looking to utilize 5G smartphones and NFC tech to have contactless checkouts for customers without the need for POS terminals. Automatic checkout, at unattended retail stores, is also in the plan. Verizon is also working with Aifi. The financial details between the three companies have not been disclosed.

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IBM partners with Verizon, Telefonica for a combination of Hybrid Cloud, edge computing, 5G

IBM has joined hands with Verizon and Telefonica with hybrid cloud deals for developing edge computing and 5G. IBM Cloud pak has been launched by Big Blue to deploy 5G networks. It will integrate its Telco Network cloud platform with Verizon’s Service Orchestration Platform. The tech giant with Telefonica is building a hybrid cloud platform using AI and blockchain tech to improve customer experience by using NLP.

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Verizon elevates interim head Vijay Subramanian to MD India

Verizon India has promoted their interim head Vijay Subramanian to be vice president and managing director. He is expected to lead Verizon India and evolves it into a strategic development center, an emerging innovation hub to drive new capabilities for technologies like 5G for Verizon. Subramanian has been associated with Verizon since 2001 and has worked on various organization-wide initiatives.

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Verizon to launch 5G services for enterprise customers in  21 USA cities

Verizon Communications will launch 5G internet for enterprise customers in 21 US cities by end of this month. It is offering a 10-year price lock, unlimited data and plans ranging from 100 Mbps to 400 Mbps to new business clients in Atlanta, Detroit, Las Vegas, San Francisco, etc. The wireless carrier has a deal with Microsoft and Nokia to help organisations in automation, lower operation costs and increase data traffic using private 5G networks.

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Juspay appoints Verizon to investigate into the cyber attack

Juspay has appointed Verizon Business to conduct an independent forensic investigation into the cyber-attack the company faced in Aug last year. It also oped in PwC for a comprehensive audit of policies, protocols, and tech. Its 3.5 cr records with masked card data and card fingerprint had been breached in the cyberattack. Verizon and PwC are appointed to enhance resilience and preparedness to mitigate threats from unlawful cyber-attacks in future.

Ex-Yahoo CEO Marrisa Mayor Returns with a new app launch

Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced the launch of Sunshine Contacts — a better tool for organising, updating and sharing contact information with others. The start-up, earlier known as Lumi Labs, is rolling out the app that will be free for iOS users who receive an invitation. Sunshine is Mayer’s first venture and return to the spotlight since stepping down from her role as Yahoo chief executive after the 2017 completion of the company’s $4.48 bn sales to Verizon.

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iPhone 12 will support 5G but speeds won’t be delivered

Apple is virtually launching its new iPhone 12 and analysts say it can tap into 5G that theoretically operates 10 to 20 times faster than current 4G wireless networks. But considering current 5G US networks that mostly use low-bank wireless spectrum, the speeds will not materialise for most people. On average, customers of AT&T Inc and Verizon – the two major US telecom operators – see only a small bump up from 4G speeds on 5G phones.

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Samsung signs up Verizon as first customer for indoor 5G gear

Samsung Electronics has signed up Verizon as its first customer in the US for its 5G products to increase indoor coverage, weeks after winning a $6.64B order from the mobile network operator. Samsung’s new 5G portfolio will help operators add coverage and capacity indoors. Indoor coverage is crucial for 5G as the millimetre wave radio frequency used by Verizon faces problems in passing through the obstacles. The firm is in talks with other US telcos too.

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Samsung wins $6.6B network equipment deal from Verizon

Samsung Electronics, on Monday, said it’ll supply network equipment to US telecom giant Verizon for $6.6B, marking the largest network equipment supply deal in the history of S Korean giant. Samsung said it will supply network solutions, including 5G, for the next five years until December 2025. With the US mulling ban on Huawei, which topped as world’s 5G equipment supplier, Samsung gets a huge market opportunity to flaunt its 5G equipment capabilities.

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