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Samsung has achieved speeds 50 times greater than 5G in 6G

Samsung has achieved network speed that is 50 times more than 5G in their 6G research. In a company presentation, Samsung announced it had achieved a speed of 5.23 Gbps on a 5G network whereas the speed of their 6G tech is 50 times faster. Samsung expects the completion and commercialisation of 6G by 2028 and mass commercialisation by 2030. Samsung is also exploring XR – a combination of AR, VR, and MR.

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AR/VR spending to grow CAGR of 47.7% to reach $28.8 bn by 2024

The spending on AR/VR would grow at a CAGR of 47.7% to reach $28.8 bn by 2024, according to IDC. China will have the largest AR/VR spending in the Asia/Pacific region having a 90% share in 2020. The use of AR/VR in Edu, retail and discrete manufacturing accounts for 50% of the commercial sector in 2020. VR games are the leading users with more than one-third of AR/VR tech market in 2020. This is followed by training and video/feature viewing (VR) use cases.

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Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri’s CTO Pooraan Jaiswal resigns: Reports

Pooraan Jaiswal, CTO of Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, as per media reports, has quit the jewellery brand. Jaiswal, who joined TBZ in 2018, was responsible for the improvement of all IT infrastructure and services for both enterprise and end-users. During his tenure, TBZ moved to the cloud and implemented RPA, data analytics and AR/VR to help the traditional business to navigate a digital route. Jaiswal, having 20 years of experience, also served Globus as CTO.

Govt to announce incentive scheme for wearables, IoT devices, drones

The govt will announce Production Linked Incentive scheme for manufacturing of wearables, drones, VR/ AR and IoT products in India this year. At present, there is a demand for 2-3 bn IoT devices, which is expected to increase to 5 bn over the next two-three years. It is the government’s new initiative to boost manufacturing after the Rs 50,000-cr package to attract smartphone and component manufacturing firms to set up base here.

Snapchat to invest $3.5 mn to support AR developers, creators

Snapchat to invest $3.5 mn to support Augmented Reality creators and developers on its platform. The new investment is part of its commitment to fund sponsored projects, connect personal passions, and participate in its AR Creator Residency Programme. Snapchat also announced an upgrade to Lens Studio, focused on improving creator workflows by providing tools and resources that professional creators need, as well as features that save time and improve the quality of Lenses.

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Flipkart acquires AR startup to enhance shopping experience

Flipkart will acquire 100% stake of Scapic to accelerate its efforts to enhance the visual experience, camera experiences and new opportunities for brand advertisements. Scapic is a cloud-based platform engaged in creating and publishing 3D contents for e-commerce and marketing. The deal will enhance the shopping experience on Flipkart, Myntra, and social commerce platform 2GUD by providing rich user experience and easy navigation to customers by better visuals.

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Tech M, Kings XI Punjab to launch VR-based digital fan engagement platform

Tech M and Kings XI Punjab, a leading Dream11 IPL team partner will launch a dedicated fan engagement app to virtually connect fans to teams during the Dream11 IPL and beyond. The app will be available for both iOS and Android users. Tech M and Kings XI Punjab will also work of 5G related use cases for introducing holographic virtual fans to the stadium. This will be Tech M’s first step in building a digital fan engagement platform. It will largely use AR, VR.

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Ten foreseeable tech trends for deep tech in India

1. Cloud-first computing models. 2. Data lakes to manage data sources. 3. Quantum cloud computing machines for targeted use cases. 4. Agile IT-architecture to support emerging data, analytics needs. 5. AR, VR. 6. Loosely coupled systems using microservices 7. SaaS, PaaS platforms 8. Improved developer productivity through intelligent assistance systems. 9. Automatically configurable infra 10. Pre-configured, reusable, intelligent software building blocks.

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Apple acquires VR start-up Spaces intending to explore VR innovations

Apple, over the years, has made giant strides in AR. But that is not the case when it comes to VR. Hence, to set its feet in the VR space it has acquired a VR start-up ‘Spaces’ (pun intended). The firm silently confirmed the acquisition. Though Apple has not publicised its plans on how it will gain benefit from this acquisition, it is quite clear that the iPhone maker will ramp up its elusive AR-VR headset project; thus, competing with rival Facebook’s Oculus.

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