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Microsoft confirms another bug in Windows 10 May update

Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10 May 2020 update can cut off users from the internet even if their connections are working. Many services including Cortana search etc depend on Windows 10’s connectivity status for their network requirement. Thus, these apps won’t connect if Windows 10 says ‘no internet connection’. Ironically, Microsoft’s own Feedback Hub is inaccessible. Microsoft’s tech teams are investigating and looking to fix this issue.

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Microsoft fixes Windows vulnerability that could let attackers take over IT infrastructure

Check Point, earlier, had revealed a 17-year-old security flaw in Windows DNS — SigRed. Using the flaw, in the service provided to every Windows OS, a hacker can get admin rights over servers to take control over the entire IT infrastructure. Microsoft, now, has acknowledged the security flaw and released a patch for the remote code execution vulnerability to fix it. The tech giant has assured that the vulnerability was not used by any hacker recently.

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Why do Indian SMBs rely on Windows 10 Pro devices?

1. It comes with built-In security features i.e firewall, frequent security scans using cloud, wide optics, ML, updates auto-download, protection against corporate data breaches, viruses, ransomware, malware. 2. Uses BitLocker for file storage and biometrics facial recognition for user authentication. 3. From creating beautiful AI-driven PPTs to multitasking, increases productivity. 4. Compatible on a large range of devices. 5. Excellent manageability.

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Microsoft confirms new Windows 10 KB4556799 update warning

Microsoft issued a further warning for its deeply troubled KB4556799 update which has caused multiple issues in millions of PC i.e Blue Screen of Death crashes, deleted user data, performance issues, broken audio. The tech giant is still investigating the problems. It confirmed that the update can break the internet connection, however, a user is unlikely to identify the causes as “the Network Connectivity Status Indicator might still indicate that you are connected. ”

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Microsoft issues Windows 10 ‘critical’ update warning

Microsoft’s new May 2020 Patch fixes a whooping 111 vulnerabilities — 91 ‘Important’ and 13 ‘Critical’. Nine of the 13 ‘Critical’ vulnerabilities can let hackers remotely assume control of a PC by activating a code. The new update may be an end game for any Windows 10 attack. But it sends a shiver down the spines of Windows 10 users as the system has been notoriously unreliable for some time. Microsoft has also promised that important upgrades for Windows 10 are on the way.

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