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BPM firms plan to bring in 70% of employees back to offices

BPM firms WNS, Startek and others have started revamping offices and internal processes to bring 70% of staff to work from offices in the aftermath of the pandemic. The firms are planning to bring employees to explore a hybrid work model to manage critical client data and essential services. Keshav Murugesh, CEO of WNS said that their plan is to have a 70:30 model of office and WFH once the Covid-19 vaccinations are in place after the pandemic is stabilised.

Google Calendar’s new update to allow separated working hours

Google is updating its Calendar service and introducing segmented working hours to enable people to be more flexible with their schedule while working from home. Even though they had already added in support for what is called “Working hours” a couple of years ago, which allowed employees to demarcate when they would be off work but with the new update users would be able to add multiple durations to a particular day or to all days of the week.

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Salesforce says 9-5 workday is ‘dead’

As Salesforce allowed its employees to work remotely indefinitely under a new policy, the cloud computing giant said that 9-to-5 workday is “dead.” The new policy offers flexibility to employees and follows tech firms like Google, Twitter, etc which are adapting newer workplace rules for the post-pandemic period. Salesforce said it made changes after surveying employees who have been mostly WFH since the COVID-19 outbreak began.

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59% of professionals would prefer to continue WFH: Survey

Around 59% of IT and internet firm employees would prefer to continue WFH, said a survey by online counselling platform YourDost. 11% are even willing to take a salary cut to WFH permanently, while 28% will quit the job if forced back to the office. 70% of professionals between 30 -35 yrs of age and 65% managers opted for WFH. However, 50% of leaders preferred returning to the office. The survey covered 1,000 professionals of IT, ITes and internet firm.

Wipro extends work from home till April 2021

Wipro has extended WFH for its employees till April 4, 2021. Wipro, in a statement, said that this was done keeping in mind the safety and wellbeing of employees. As of now, nearly 98% of Wipro’s 1.8 lakh employees work from home. Infosys recently said its employees will return to office “in a sustainable way” in the coming months.  Most of the Indian firms, small or big, are yet to come out with a formal announcement on WFH extensions.

Wipro let employees WFH till January next year

Wipro, in an email sent to employees in India and the US, has asked them to WFH till January 18, 2021. The decision was taken as COVID-19 pandemic remains unabated in these two countries. Wipro’s over 90% of 185,000 employees are based out in India and the US.  The Bengaluru-based IT services provider said that guidelines for those who need to go to the office, around 2% of the total workforce, remain unchanged.

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9 in 10 people seek support from robots for better mental health

Over 9 in 10 people in India think robots can support their overall well-being much better than humans, a new Oracle study revealed. A whopping 91% of Indian workforce surveyed said they’d prefer to talk to a robot over their managers about stress and anxiety at work. The WFH culture has severely impacted the mental health of a significant percentage of people globally, with 70% reporting more stress and anxiety at work than any other previous year.

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Facebook partners with Deloitte to help firms meet remote working challenges

Facebook announced a global alliance with Deloitte to help firms use the social media group’s Workplace tool to meet remote working challenges. Deloitte will establish a dedicated Workplace practice within its Future of Work group to help clients use the platform to connect their organisations. Workplace has passed 5M paid user milestone in 3 years and “in the current environment we’re seeing a greater increase in demand”, Workplace VP Julian Codorniou said.

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Zensar Technologies extends work-from-home policy

Zensar Technologies employees can continue to work remotely in the long term, the company said, is an extension of its current WFH policy. Zensar is the first among most IT firms – that expect to move to a hybrid model over time – to opt for a remote working structure. The company says remote working would open up the talent pool further as it allows them to hire women or people with special needs, who may not be able to leave home or move to another city.

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