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DXC Tech to 7000 freshers this year

DXC Technology will hire 7,000 freshers in India this year, 56% up from 4,500 recruited in the year 2020, as it aims to fulfill demands of digitalization from clients wanting to digitally transform businesses. DXC was formed by the merger of Computer Sciences Corp and the enterprise service arm of HP Enterprise. The company has 40,000 employees in India, of the 138,000 global workforces. It is also developing and reskilling the existing workforce for digital roles.

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FirstMeridian acquires CBSI India for Rs 12 cr

HR services platform FirstMeridian has acquired CBSI India, an IT staffing business, for a total investment of Rs 12 Cr. CBSI and its employees will now operate as part of FirstMeridian group. The acquisition of CBSI enhances FirstMeridian’s IT staffing offering, fortifying its presence in the IT services industry. IT outsourcing is anticipated to increase in the coming time. FirstMeridian is now fully equipped to fulfil the demand for qualified IT workforce.

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Workforce rebalancing: VMware lets go 200 employees in India

VMware has let go off nearly 200 employees in India as a part of its latest workforce rebalancing plan to align its employees to its strategic objectives. VMware has nearly 7k employees in India – its second-biggest site after Palo Alto. VMware spokesperson said that their active programme ensures that impacted employees get new opportunities in VMware or outside. Also, they’ll continue to recruit in areas of strategic importance to the company.

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Snap promises to double women staff, minorities in tech teams

Snap Inc, the parent company of Snapchat, has pledged to double the number of women staff and minorities in its tech teams. Women staff account for 32% of Snap’s global workforce in 2019 but only 16.1% are in its tech teams. Until now, the firm said, the gender balance in its tech teams was low; it will double the women staff in tech teams by 2023. The number of underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities in the US will also be doubled by 2025.

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