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Cybecrimes around gaming consoles rise after PS5, Xbox X launch

Cybersecurity agency Kaspersky detected 120 suspicious websites mentioning ‘PlayStation’ in their scams and phishing campaigns. Cyberscam around gaming console increased as Microsoft and Sony launched Xbox X and PS5, respectively this month and together they found mention in half of the malicious activities. PS holds 96% of gaming consoles in India, enabling cybercriminals to use its popularity to luring people to steal private and monetary data.

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Microsoft’s online game services hit by the outage on Xbox debut

Microsoft’s core services for its Xbox Live online gaming network suffered almost an hour-long outage on the day it introduced new game consoles. The outage which was reported after 10 in the morning in Redmond, Washington, prevented gamers from signing in to Xbox Live, Microsoft said. The issue was fixed a little over an hour later, but it was an inauspicious start for the new consoles from Microsoft of Xbox Series S and X.

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Microsoft earning beats estimates as Azure, XBox, Windows demand surge

Microsoft’s revenue rose 12% to $37.2 bn in the quarter ended Sept 30, beating analysts’ estimates of $35.72 bn. Net income rose to $13.89 bn from $10.68 bn a year earlier. It was benefited from the global shift to WFH and online learning. Besides the surge of cloud computing, for MS the pandemic has accelerated demand for its Windows OS for laptops and Xbox gaming services as families work, learn and play indoors.

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Sony cuts PS5 production by 4M units due to chip woes

Sony Corp. has cut its estimated PlayStation 5 production for this fiscal year by 4M units, down to around 11M. This is the consequence of production issues with its custom-designed system-on-chips for the new console. Close rival Microsoft Corp. last week revealed aggressive pricing for its two next-gen consoles, the $299 Xbox Series S and $499 Xbox Series X, putting additional pressure on Sony.

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