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US congressman appreciates India’s decision to exclude Huawei, ZTE from 5G trials

India gave heads up to several telcos to conduct a trial on 5G networking but barred “Communist Party-controlled” tech companies like Huawei, ZTE. The decision was highly praised by US congressman Michael McCaul who said that the risk can be mitigated only when these Chinese govt controlled firms are excluded from our networks. McCaul is US House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican and China Task Force Chairman.

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CBN, Qualcomm achieve world’s first 700MHz band 5G data call

CBN and Qualcomm Technologies have made the world’s first large-width 5G data call in the 700MHz FDD spectrum band in China. The frequency (>300 Mbit/s) gives longer range than 2.4 or 3.8 GHz bands and can be used in IoT etc. The demo was done using CBN’s 700MHz FDD band and a Qualcomm-powered 5G smartphone. Qualcomm has tapped Vivo, ZTE etc to launch the first batch of 700 MHz-equipped 5G devices.

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Tech Mahindra to supply in-house 4G equipment to BSNL

Tech M, together with state-owned ITIs, is planning to supply 4G equipment to BSNL, amid the ban on Chinese telecom firms Huawei, ZTE. It will soon bid for the supply’s revised tender. CEO C P Gurnani believes Indian firms to have huge potential. Thus, uses this ban as an opportunity to give a fair chance to them. Depending on the success with BSNL, Tech M will globalise this ITI-developed 4G, 5G solutions.

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Chinese Telecom firms Huawei, ZTE losing customers worldwide

Chinese Telecom firms Huawei, ZTE have been labelled as a national security threat. Thus, the US, UK, Australia have banned equipment purchase from them. Germany, France are looking for alternatives. This gives huge space for competitors – Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia. Data theft, security implications will determine 5G vendors for India. Data integrity consideration will be more important than cost considerations.

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