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Twitter starts initiative to analyze algorithm fairness on its platform

Twitter has launched an initiative on “responsible ML ” to reviews its algorithmic fairness with the aim to bring transparency on how it tackles “the potentially harmful effects of algorithmic decisions.” Concerns on algorithms used by internet platforms, which some allege promote violence, hate, racial/gender bias, is at an all-time high. Recently, controversies at Google’s AI ethics team resulted in the firing of two researchers and the resignation of a scientist.

China’s official newspaper demand tougher regulations for algorithms use

China’s state-owned newspaper the People’s Daily said that country should protect internet users from breaches of privacy and attempt to steer web traffic by making strict regulations on the use of algorithms. The newspaper in an editorial said that  Algorithms can help reduce costs by matching user needs to services, but some online platforms infringe consumer rights by “improper application of algorithms” to invade privacy and direct web use.

Irreplaceable humans: YouTube brings back human moderators as AI filters fail

YouTube had put its human moderators offline earlier this year due to the pandemic. The company relied on ML algorithms to manage flagging, removal of the content. The tech did not work out as the filters failed to deliver accuracy. Hence, YouTube is bringing back the humans.  YouTube asserted that the reliance on AI moderation had led to a surge in video removals and incorrect takedown. YouTube removed 11M videos between April-June.

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ByteDance not to sell TikTok’s algorithm: Chinese state media

ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, will not sell or share the algorithm behind the short video-sharing app in any sale or divestment, Chinese state media reported quoting sources from the unicorn’s boardroom discussions. The Bejing based firm’s US-based technology team, however, would be free to develop a new algorithm, The South China Morning Post reported. The report went on to add that this would be a condition for a sale of the company’s US assets.

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