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Amazon launches 4 week ‘Space Accelerator’ programme for space startups

AWS in collaboration with a London-based investment group Seraphim has launched a four-week business support programme “Space Accelerator” to help space startups take the next level of growth. Startups planning to use AWS to help solve the challenges in the industry can apply for the programme which is already open and will continue till April 21. AWS and Seraphim will provide technical, business, and mentoring to space startups across the world.

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Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky is returning to AWS as CEO

AWS CEO Andy Jassy in an email to employees said that Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky will replace him. Selipsky helped launch the AWS when he was hired in 2005, and then spent 11 years building the unit before taking the top job at Tableau. Selipsky will make his return to AWS on May 17th and spend a transitional time with Jassy. Salesforce bought Tableau in June 2019 for $15.7 bn and Selipsky was at the helm since then.

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IBM expand to provide cloud services to banking, health sector

IBM has expanded and further set up IBM Cloud Satellite, which allows customers to control how to store information, some of it in a private cloud, and other data in public clouds such as AWS, Azure. It is focusing on the banking and healthcare industries, which have been hesitant to adopt internet-based storage solutions due to security concerns. Lumen Technologies will work as IBM Cloud Satellite partner to deploy the service at 180,000 locations.

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Cloud design expected to be the fastest-growing skill

A report commissioned by AWS said that the demand for Cloud architecture design is estimated to be one of the fastest-growing digital skill in India. 76% of the digital workers in India would be required to be proficient in cloud computing to perform jobs proficiently by 2025. The report also revealed that 12% of India’s workforce is involved in the digital sector and would need 3.9 bn hrs of digital skill training from 2020 to 2025 to keep up with technological advancement.

Singapore will require 1.2 mn digitally skilled workers by 2025

Another 1.2 mn digitally skilled workers will be required by Singapore’s economy by 2025 which is a 55% jump from the present 2.2 mn, according to a survey by AWS. Almost 63% of Singapore workers are in digital skilled jobs. The survey also added that 51% of people would need to learn cloud computing to perform jobs in 2025. Singapore needs a total of 23.8 mn digital-skills training sessions from now until 2025 to generate the needed workforce.

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India will require 9x the digital skilled workers by 2025

An AWS report said that the number of digital skilled workers in India will need to increase by 9X by 2025 owing to digital transformation. At present, 12% of the country’s workforce comprises these workers. 76% of the digital workers will be expected to be skilled in cloud computing to perform jobs proficiently by 2025. To keep up with technological advancements and demand, a total of 3.9 bn digital skill training from 2020 to 2025 will be required in the country.

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AWS continue to lead global Cloud infrastructure market in Q4 2020

AWS continued to lead the cloud service provider in Q4 2020, accounting for 31% of the total spend. The global Cloud infrastructure market spending increased 32% to reach $39.9 bn in the quarter, said research firm Canalys. Total global expenditure was over $3 bn higher than the last quarter and nearly $10 bn more than Q4 2019. Microsoft’s Azure was at number two spot with 20 % of the market share while Google Cloud was the third largest with 7% share.

Here is why Slack went down on Jan 4

Slack has provided detailed about what happened on Jan 4, the first workday of 2021, when it went down. ” We observed signs that we were seeing widespread network degradation, which we escalated to AWS, our main cloud provider,” Slack Said in a detailed statement. ” The mini-peak at 7 am PST — combined with the underlying network problems — led to saturation of our web tier.”  Which resulted in Slack becoming unavailable.

AI startup Databricks raises funds from Microsoft, Google, AWS at $28 bn valuation

Artificial intelligence startup Databricks has raised fresh capital at a $28 bn valuation from Microsoft, Google and Amazon. Databricks develops tech that delivers improved analytics to cloud computing platforms and has over 5,000 customers, of which 40% are Fortune 500 companies. The latest funding round of $1 bn was led by Franklin Templeton, AWS, Google investment arm Capital G and Microsoft, a previous investor.