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Encrypted messaging app Signal stops working in mainland China

Signal’s app and website have stopped working in mainland China without the use of a VPN. Cyber authorities of the countries have been very strict in the recent past. They were restricting the access of apps, media outlets and social media sites by banning them in the country. The app, however,  was still available on Apple’s China app store. Both the website and app were reportedly working normally in Hong Kong.

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Signal users unable to send messages, now operational again

Signal faced a global outage wherein its users were not able to send messages.  The messaging app, while conforming the outage, said it was going through ‘technical difficulties.’ However, Signal’s cross-platform messaging service is operational again. Signal, unlike Telegram and WhatsApp, collects no data from its users and has promised that it would never share the data which led to a huge number of WhatsApp users to shift to the rival application.

Signal takes on Zoom and WhatsApp; launches secure desktop VC feature

Signal – a WhatsApp rival – has now taken on to Zoom as it launches its one-on-one E2EE VC feature for desktop. The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted the demand for VC platforms and Zoom’s earlier vulnerabilities highlighted its weaker control over users’ security. This gives Signal a competitive edge over Zoom. Further, the app also allows messages from people who are not in users’ contact lists in the form of ‘message requests’ – a feature that WhatsApp lacks.

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